About Us

Soles Technologies is driven to make available quality products to those looking for the best products designed for today’s lifestyle.

The Blendzall product line was established in 1959 and has met the needs of high-performance engines ever since. Blendzall is well known in the racing market and is known to meet the demands of competitive racing while extending the life of the engines.

Tank Shot was developed to meet the needs of the weekend warriors that needed a product to keep the fuel that has been sitting from ruining their weekend. As fuel sits in the tank it starts to deteriorate, the octane will drop, varnishes will start to form and clog up carburetors and injectors, the dry surfaces in the top end of the engine begin to corrode. Tank Shot is designed to preserve fuel quality, raise the octane, keep the fuel system clear of varnish and lubricate the top end.

Buggy Strap was developed in 2016 to meet the needs of transporting your Buggy to your favorite outdoor locations. Designed to be easy to use and secure for peace of mind while transporting; ATV's, Side by Sides, Four Wheelers, Three Wheelers, Golf Carts.